As part of the projects conducted on the understanding of the mechanism of action of photodynamic therapy, OncoThAI unit have developed light plates allowing the illumination of flasks or cell [...]

Treatments developed in the OncoThAI laboratory require numerous computer simulations. Optimization of therapy delivery parameters, planning (preoperative), real-time monitoring (intraoperative) and [...]

The OncoThAI laboratory has a strong expertise in the field of 3D printing. This expertise allows the autonomy in the design and manufacture of prototypes, as well as technical support for the [...]

As part of the PRODYNOV project, OncoThAI has developed a mouse illumination device that will be used in in vivo studies about the PDT treatment of “nude” mice with peritoneal carcinomatosis of [...]

OncoThAI has already initiated several clinical studies carried out at the University Hospital of Lille. They aim to evaluate the feasibility and effectiveness of photodynamic therapy in the [...]

The ArtiMED project has been setup since the first informatics developments realized at the laboratory. The absolute requirement of unifying all the software developments has been formalized through [...]

In partnership with TEXINOV, which manufactures Light Emitting Fabrics (LEF) using a patented process, OncoThAI has developed various flexible and conformable illumination devices used in human [...]

The visualization and medical image processing platform Myrian® enables the development of numerous applications dedicated to the clinic. Based in Montpellier, France, Intrasense offers this [...]