ArtiMED: a medical imaging collaborative platform

The ArtiMED project has been setup since the first informatics developments realized at the laboratory. The absolute requirement of unifying all the software developments has been formalized through a tools kit for medical imaging applications.

The very large range of ArtiMED functionalities includes low level tools as system tools (system management, 2-D and 3-D graphical tools…) or mathematics tools (matrix computing, optimization, FFT, 3-D geometry, statistical tools,…), a complete compatibility with the different standards as ACR-NEMA 2.0, DICOM 3.0, DICOM RT, the management of a patient data base directly integrated to the system, a large image processing library (filtering, rigid and non rigid transformation, segmentation tools,…) and the management of vectorial objects. General applications are also available from the regular version of ArtiMED such as MPR (Multi-Planar Reconstruction), MIP (Maximum of Intensity of Projection), 3-D reconstruction or image registration. The software development toolkit includes also a RAD (Rapid Development Application) et an intranet site updated with each new versions allowing easy access to the latest versions and to the technical documentations.

Because there is a transversal utilization by all the actors of the Team, ArtiMED is always in evolution, by integrating all the newest developments made by the researchers. This facilitates the information transfer and the perennially of the different works implemented. ArtiMED is already used in numerous clinical applications ArtiMED also includes a programming mode based on the « data flow » architecture which enables to non-programmer users to create evolutionary image processing tools and applications in using block diagram interface.