Start of the PAGETEX clinical trial

The first patient with Paget's disease has been treated by the PAGETEX clinical protocol.

The PAGETEX study aims to treat people with Paget's disease extra-breast vulva by photodynamic therapy. A new medical device using light emitting fabric (LEF) technology is currently being tested in the Dermatology Department of Lille University Hospital.

A maximum of 24 patients will be enrolled in this phase II study, which aims to evaluate a disease control rate at 3 months (total and partial response) in 30% of patients included.

This clinical study is supported by the iLatext project, funded by the ERDF under the ERDF-ESF operational program.

Four members of the OncoThAI research team involved in the PAGETEX protocol (from left to right): Dr. Cyril MAIRE (Dermatologist), Fabienne LECOMTE (Clinical research assistant), Laurine ZIANE (Engineer and future PhD student) et Elise THECUA (PhD student, CIFRE contract with the company MDB TEXINOV).

Actualite PAGETEX Demarrage