A new thesis in progress

The thesis project "Design of a light emitting fabric dedicated to intracavitary photodynamic therapy" received a favorable opinion from the ANRT for CIFRE funding.

From 1st January 2019, Elise Thecua will begin her thesis entitled "Design of a light emitting fabric dedicated to intracavitary photodynamic therapy". She will be funded by a CIFRE grant with MDB TEXINOV as industrial partner.

Today, if photosensitizing molecules exist, the development of photodynamic therapy requires the introduction of new illumination technologies. In particular, the homogeneous illumination of surgical cavities remains a challenging problem. Its solving is essential to see this therapy be part of the therapeutic arsenal of fight against cancer.

This project is part of the development of new therapeutic solutions, and aims to develop a light emitting fabric flexible, deformable, lightweight, biocompatible and perfectly conformable to operating cavities.

Since graduating from HEI engineer school in 2016, Elise has been working as a research engineer in the laboratory. Her missions included the development of medical devices incorporating light emitting fabrics dedicated to photodynamic therapy in onco-dermatology (European PHOS-ISTOS® project, and regional iLatext® project).