Enrollment phase of INDYGO is now successfully achieved

After the inclusion of 10 patients, the first step of the INDYGO study is now completed, enabling the analysis of data collected during the trial

Recently, the enrollment phase of the clinical trial INDYGO has been successfully achieved with the tenth recruitment.
As a reminder, the INDYGO study, promoted by the University Hospital of Lille and coordinated by Professor REYNS in collaboration with Professor MORDON and Dr. VERMANDEL from OncoThAI , evaluates the association of a new intraoperative laser illumination device with a photosensitizing molecule for treating newly diagnosed glioblastomas.

INDYGO targeted the inclusion of 10 patients during the management of their high-grade glioma. This phase of inclusion, which has been spread over a year, is now over. These 10 inclusions will enable researchers and physician from the OncoThAI lab to analyze the results during the upcoming second step of the study and thus improve the understanding of the mechanisms involved in photodynamic therapy.

Information about this study has also been updated on the US site Clinicaltrials.gov.

Actualite INDYGO fin inclusion 2018