The U1189 Onco-THAI researchers are four University/Hospital Assistants, with former scientific education, strongly attached to the medical environment of the University Hospital of Lille. They share the management of PhD students with medical or scientific partners, who for a long time have developed collaborative research activities with the U703. The research staff is completed by a research engineer, two technicians and a secretary.

Aboukais Rabih

PhD student

Azais Henri

MD, PhD Gynecologic surgeon

Baert Grégory

Design engineer, INSERM

Champeau Mathilde

PhD student

Collinet Pierre

MD, PhD, Gynecologist

Deleporte Pascal

Engineer, INSERM

Desmedt Eve

MD, Dermatologist

Dhalluin Xavier

MD, PhD, Pneumo-oncologist

Dupont Clément

Post-doctoral fellowship

Envain François

student (master)

Ernst Olivier

MD, PhD, Radiologist

Huglo Damien

MD, PhD, nuclear medicine

Kerbage Yohan

PhD student

Lavogiez Céline

MD, Dermatologist

Leclere Franck

MD, PhD, plastic surgeon

Lecomte Fabienne

Clinical research assistant, INSERM

Lejeune Jean-Paul

MD, PhD, neurosurgeon

Lemaître Laurent

MD, PhD, urogenital radiologist

Leroux Bertrand

Engineer assistant, INSERM

Maire Cyril


Marcq Gautier

PhD student

Mordon Serge

Research director, INSERM

Mortier Laurent

MD, PhD, dermatologist

Munck Camille

MD, PhD, pneumologist

Olivier Jonathan

PhD student

Pluvinage Gaëlle

Administrative assistant, Lille university

Porte Henri

MD, PhD, thoracic surgeon

Puech Philippe

MD, PhD, radiologist

Reyns Nicolas

MD, PhD, neurosurgeon

Thécua Elise

Engineer, INSERM

Vermandel Maximilien

MD, PhD, medical physicist

Vicentini Claire

PhD student, dermatologist

Vignon Anne-Sophie

Research engineer, INSERM

Villers Arnauld

MD, PhD, urologist

Ziane Laurine

Engineer, INSERM