Ziane Laurine

PhD student

laurine pp3

Research engineer / PhD student

After graduating as a textile engineer at ENSAIT and my master's degree "Medical Devices and Biomaterials: Design and Evaluation" at the Faculty of Pharmacy of the University of Lille, I joined the laboratory OncoThAI as a research engineer.

I participate in the development of medical devices integrating the technology of light emitting fabrics dedicated to photodynamic therapy in onco-dermatology since their conception until their clinical study.

From 1 November 2019, I will begin a science thesis entitled "Development of a luminous light emitting textile for the treatment of peritoneal carcinomatosis of ovarian origin by intracavity photodynamic therapy" funded by the region and the University of Lille.

The aim of this thesis is to continue the work started under the PRODYNOV project, and thus to develop an innovative treatment for peritoneal carcinomatosis of ovarian origin thanks to photodynamic therapy.