Defense of Mathilde CHAMPEAU thesis- December 9, 2020

Mathilde CHAMPEAU will defend her PhD thesis entitled "Dissolving microneedles for an optimal transdermal delivery of an active principle used in photodynamic therapy: Development and proof of concept."

The public defense will take place on Wednesday  the 9th of  December  starting at 14 :00  with online presentation

The jury will be composed of

  • Sylvie BEGU,
  • Dorothée JARY,
  • Séverine VIGNOUD
  • Laurent MORTIER,
  • Serge MORDON,
  • Jürgen SIEPMANN

This thesis was performed within the unit "Therapies Assisted by Lasers and Immunotherapies for Oncology - INSERM U1189 OncoThAI in collaboration with the CEA LETI in Grenoble

Actualité 27 Nov 20202