Defense of Alexandre QUILBE thesis - December 7, 2020

Alexandre QUILBE will defend his thesis entitled "IN VITRO AND IN VIVO EVALUATION OF TWO NEW THERAPEUTIC STRATEGIES TARGETED IN PANCREATIC ADENOCARCINOMA: Immunotherapy targeting Immune Checkpoint Galectin-9 and Photodynamic Therapy targeting the Folate Receptor."

The thesis will be publicly defended before the jury composed of:

  • Prof. Delphine Allorge: President of the Jury
  • Dr Cindy Neuzillet: Reviewer
  • Prof. Pierre van der Bruggen: Reviewer
  • Prof. Filomena Conti: Examiner
  • Pr Christophe Carnoy: Examiner
  • Pr Serge Mordon: Invited member
  • Pr Nadira Delhem Thesis Director

This thesis was performed within the unit "Therapies Assisted by Lasers and Immunotherapies for Oncology - INSERM U1189 OncoThAI