Dr. Henri AZAIS, Surgeon - Gynecologist, defended his HDR (accreditation to direct research) on September 21, 2020


Dr. Henri AZAIS, defended on September 22 at the Faculty of Medicine of Lille, the accreditation to direct research (HDR). Much of his presentation focused on his research project at OncoThAI on the development of an innovative treatment for peritoneal metatstasis in epithelial ovarian cancers.

The evaluation committee was composed of Prof. Anne Sophie BATS, Georges-Pompidou European Hospital, Dr Jennifer PASQUIER, Weill Cornell Medicine-Qatar, Dr Frédéric GOFFIN, CHU de Liège. The committee was chaired by Pr. Pierre COLLINET, Lille University Hospital.

HDR "sanctions recognition of a candidate's high scientific level, of the original nature of his approach in a field of science, of his ability to master a research strategy in a sufficiently broad scientific or technological field and of his capacity to supervise young researchers. HDR is the highest university qualification that a person can receive in France. Following a doctorate, the accreditation requires the candidate to write a second thesis, defended before a jury similar to that of the doctorate

Actualité 22 Sept 2020