Hemerion Therapeutics: winner of the ILab 2020 competition


Hemerion Therapeutics (www.hemerion.com), is a start-up spin-off from the OncoThAI laboratory (Pr. S. Mordon). Hemerion becomes the winner of the ILab 2020 French competition. Hemerion develops innovative cancer therapies that combine photonics, medicine and biology. Today, its first developments target the treatment of glioblastomas through technology transfer from OncoThAI (UMR U1189 - Inserm - CHU de Lille - University of Lille).

Initiated in 1999 by the Ministry in charge of Research, the French national ILab competition is dedicated to help the creation of innovative technology companies and has been renewed every year with a dual objective:

  • Detect and bring out business creation projects based on innovative technologies;
  • Promote the transfer of research results to the socio-economic world.

Thus, Hemerion fits perfectly into these two objectives since its creation is based on the valorisation of an innovative technology: photodynamic therapy resulting from academic research.

OncoThAI's research on photodynamic therapy technologies highlighted in the latest ILab 2020 competition.

Link to the awards: https://cache.media.enseignementsup-recherche.gouv.fr/file/2020/49/9/i-Lab_2020_palma_220720_1311499.pdf

Link to Ministry website: https://www.enseignementsup-recherche.gouv.fr/cid153094/concours-d-innovation-i-lab-2020-73-innovateurs-entrepreneurs-primes-10-grand-prix-decernes.html

Link to hemerion: www.hemerion.com

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