Visit of the Inserm‘s Chief Executive Officer

An Inserm delegation will be present on Thursday 12 December 2019 in the laboratory premises.

On Thursday, December 12, 2019, the Inserm U1189 OncoThAI laboratory will have the honour to welcome an Inserm delegation to present its different research activities. This delegation will be composed of:

  • Mr Gilles BLOCH, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer
  • Mrs Claire GIRY, Deputy General Manager
  • Mrs Elli CHATZOPOPOULOU, Director of the DPRE
  • Mr Samir OULD ALI, Regional Delegate Northwest
  • Mr Christian BOITARD, Head of the Thematic Institute of Physiology, Metabolism and Nutrition
  • Mr Alain EYCHENE, Head of the Cancer Thematic Institute
  • Mr Franck LETHIMONNIER, Head of the Thematic Institute Technologies for Health
  • Mrs Evelyne JOUVIN-MARCHE, Policy Officer at the Thematic Institute Immunology, Inflammation, Infectiology and Microbiology
  • Mrs Hélène ESPEROU, Head of the Clinical Research Unit

The visit will take place between 4:35 pm and 5:10 pm according to the established program available here.

Bandeau Visite Bloch