Photodynamic therapy (PDT) is a well-established treatment for various dermatological diseases including actinic keratoses (AK).
Although the clinically approved protocols for PDT of AK require irradiation with red light or daylight in Europe and with blue light in USA, there is a growing interest in other lights particularly in white lights … light sources can be characterized by various quantities : illuminance, irradiance, effective irradiance … (see the definitions section below).
To compare the consistency of the light sources, it may be necessary to switch from one quantity to another that is not a straightforward matter.
We have therefore developed a computer software that, from any spectral irradiance automatically and instantly displays the values of the illuminance, the irradiance and the effective irradiance.
Furthermore, provided that the user specified a value for the treatment time, the fluence and the effective fluence are also be determined.
At the end of the process, a PDF file with all the results is generated and sent to the user-specified email address.

Red LED Spectral Fluence rate
Daylight Spectral Fluence rate
Blue LED Spectral Fluence rate